FROM AED40,000

Unit kitchen, made in a modern style, combines:
– brand new, creative design solutions;
– old and well-liked polished elements that give the furniture an elegant look;
– use of both traditional and innovative materials.

The Cesar Unit collection – a kitchen in a modern style – is a very popular design concept, which is quite willingly accepted by the owners of both a city apartment and a large country villa .

New-fashioned trends in modern cuisine are characterized by a lack of symmetry and tend to a more geometric look. Horizontal lines create a direct, user-friendly appeal. Unexpected details such as concrete floors, matt silver handles, strategically and skillfully placed chrome and varnish details, and tiny bright spots create an industrial atmosphere softened by visual appeal.

When buying kitchen furniture from the Cesar Unit collection, in essence, you get a modern kitchen that will help your house stand out, offering attractive physical and visual sensations that create a feeling of calm, comfort and peace.