FROM AED40,000

New Cesar Intarsio kitchen model is also known as the “Art and Order” kitchen portrait. It incorporates color and art in a way we have never seen before at Cesar.

What is used are some of the latest kitchen cabinet finishes and materials that can be found not just in the kitchen space, but across the whole apartment including the dining area, living room and certain interior design elements, like the shelving and flooring. Designed in a way only a custom kitchen can offer while creating new standards for contemporary kitchen design, we are convinced that this kitchen model will take over the Dubai City kitchen design market.

The main kitchen cabinet finish used for this sentimental, touching kitchen project is Rovere Mediterraneo wood. This high-end kitchen material is an innovation Cesar has brought to life on the international kitchen design market. Rovere Mediterraneo wood finish is used for the many different design elements of this modern Intarsio kitchen, including the tall kitchen cabinetry, the kitchen island, the kitchen table and the open kitchen cabinet shelving unit. This light wooden kitchen finish perfectly compliments the green or verde Gutamala Marble finish that is used for the kitchen block sink, kitchen island countertop and several other design elements, like the sophisticated, patterned flooring and the living room table tops.